Pre-Cleaning and removal Print

1.      It is generally accepted that the performance of a coating system is improved by good surface preparation before application.

2.      For temporary protection the requirements are less onerous and will depend on the component being protected and its surface condition.

3.      In general surfaces must be free from contaminants that are corrosive, or may impair adhesion or continuity of coating, or restrict access of inhibiting vapours.

4.      The contaminant will normally dictate the choice of preparation.

5.      Enumerated below are few possible methods of ensuring the cleaning of the various equipment

a.       Solvent De-greasing,

b.      An alkali wash


c.       Steam cleaning would remove oil or grease

d.      Mechanical, acid and electrolytic techniques could be employed to remove scale or rust.

6.      In some cases a simple water wash may be sufficient but others may require a combination of more than one treatment.